What We Are: The Merging of What We Were, and What We Will Be

Here is a concept that I have begun taking to some vast reaches of our existence: that we are both man and woman at the same time — we ARE a concept of our parents. We were conceived by them, therefore we are a concept of their communion. In a culture that is flooded with divorce, and an emotionally-charged belief system of what marriage is, it is easy for these “conceptions” to be lost adrift the waters of divorce. Regardless of what institutions define marriage to be, the truth is, people are left to make the rules up as we go along. Don’t believe me? If institutional definitions of marriage were laws like gravity, then contradictions to those definitions could never exist. Divorce would be non-existent. Extra-marital sodomy would be non-existent. Most institutions say marriage is a lifetime commitment; unabashed loyalty to your partner. But, because these are not scientific laws, we are left to break them — making up our own rules to suit our needs, regardless of what our conditioning tells us.

For this reason, lust-filled love can be an emotional time bomb where creation happens without a focus of intention. Passions can flair, leading to the conception of a child. What happens from this point on decides to the future of this child, society, and planet. The child has a conscience that expands beyond the facade of parental conditioning. A child can sense tension and disconnect between their creators without needing to be told so. The old adage, “actions speak louder than words,” rings loud and clear when you think of a child as a concept of their parents. A child told not to smoke at 16, will recall the times their parents smoked in the past, and will choose between listening to past actions, or present words. They may ultimately choose not to smoke, but the act of smoking has been imprinted in their psyche and, perhaps, DNA.

Think of a time in your life when you have thought of something to do — anything. Even something as simple as going to the grocery store will do. This act, on an energetic level (this level may not at the forefront of our conscious life, but instead, is the undercurrent of everything we do), requires the need to go shopping. You are all out of milk, so you need to get some more for dinner later. You get in the car, back out of the driveway, and the car dies. Here, two things happen at once. One, your conception of going to the store is put severely in jeopardy. Two, your concept of an operating vehicle has just died. Consequently, it has given birth to the need to call a tow truck or mechanic. In this mess, the grocery store has been aborted. Depending on your emotional attachment to these concepts and emotional resilience, you could either be greatly saddened by this event, or hardly shaken by. In fact, you may jump to exactly what you need to do next.

Now, because the grocery store isn’t an emotional being, it is very unlikely to have any kind of long-standing abandonment issues because your need to attend to other pressing needs that day. However, here comes the incredible delicacy and sheer wonder that is life. A child, who is a concept of their parents, energetically experiences the shifts of their creators. This, arguably, may be an energetic law that outlines a child’s existence.

It cannot be denied that the miracle of life is unexplainably astounding. At one point in time, you were two separate biological “things.” Scientifically speaking, you and I were once, a sperm and an egg. Or, more accurately, we were the result of a sperm and an egg. Here it is we find something that science may never be able to fully explain. A sperm, demonstrates a sort of energetic consciousness by finding its receptive mate, the egg, which also demonstrates consciousness through the act of picking a suitable mate by letting only one in. When this occurs the two merge into One… they merge into you. What happens to the sperm? What happens to the egg? Are the two considered dead? Or do they continue on now, operating as one unit, in unison?

What happens is the mergence of two separate things into One. This is the dance that humans play over and over, everyday. There is animate and inanimate merging (human riding a bike), energetic merging (healing, sports competition, sexual intercourse), cellular merging (blood transfusions, surgery, pregnancy), psychic merging (conversation, communication). This happens everywhere, all at once!

Everything that ever happens in any given moment is filled with these exchanges. How much intention and energy we give them, is shown in the result. If I am playing basketball, and have no desire to make a shot, I will not make it. If I have the intention to make a shot, but not the presence (I may be distracted by a group of people watching me on the sidelines), I am leaving my shots up to chance. However, if I am entirely present with my shooting, and I have the intention to make a shot, I am drastically increasing the odds of having a positive result. Certainly, I will be subjected to other laws at play, such as a gust of wind, but the point is the likelihood greatly increases when combining intention and awareness to complete a task at hand.

Returning to the idea that we are a concept of our parents; our children are the concept of us and our partner, you may begin to see how a child’s life is emotionally and energetically impacted. Whether we wish to accept it or not, the truth is, our actions are directly linked to intention and awareness. If we are having intimacy issues with our partner, our child is likely to observe the parental disconnect, and encode it. If the intimacy is feigned, I would argue that the child may even sense this, and encode it. How it will be used in their life will not be determined until they are faced with a circumstance that necessitates utilizing this information.

Furthermore, on an energetic level, if there is a separation between co-creators (parents), the concept of the creation (child) dies. The concept is then left to be defined in a distorted way. Perhaps physically, the concept may survive. However, emotionally it may die as a result of its co-creators not staying present with their emotional link — not combining intention and awareness until the completion of the task at hand: creating and raising a child. This idea may be difficult to grasp, it is quite a ways out there. And because there is nothing tangible to grab onto in the energetic world, nothing to link in from our experience except outside parallels, it is hard to accept as a reality — or, a potential reality.

But, before I get too carried away with theories and infinite possibilities, this is a good time to bring it back to why we are really here: to understand our existence right now, in this moment. You might be reading this because you are interested in knowing who you are, what you are here to do, and that your existence is filled with much more mystery than you could ever possibly know. We are here, peeling back the layers of conditioning that our society has embedded in us and our parents have embedded in us. We are doing this because we know our true Self is waiting beneath all of it.

Part of this understanding of Self is that we are simply, and complexly, a concept. We are the result of our father and our mother joining into one. What they experienced as fears, deficits, strengths, and distinctive qualities, are exactly what we will experience, only in different skin and moments unique to us. Healing ourselves is a process of understanding where we have come from and where we are headed. The merging of past with future reveals to us the present moment. In short, we experience both past and future at once: the past’s stamped and sealed encoding, and the future’s infinite opportunity for “concepts” to engage within. Merged together, they form One, leaving us with nothing other than, “now.”


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