Quarter-life crisis.
Return of, “what am I doing?”
Return to, the breath.
Return to, ease of mind.
Return of, “this is just part of a cycle”

Watch judgments today. They get you when you are sleeping with your eyes open. They tell you are lacking. They tell you, “do more.” But, “do more of what?” Can you do less in the face of a challenge to do more? Can you resist the mind’s fleeting requests, and pick the one you want for today?


Change is on its way, but it cannot be forced.
Just like the tree that grows next to the water. Nourished, it grows as it needs, changing with the seasons. Roots are shallow, but sturdy. Growth is fast and sometimes excessive leading to lost branches and broken limbs in the storm: the wisdom of the eager Sycamore.

The tree in the hot valley must wait through long periods of unrest and uncertainty. Setting a goal will achieve nothing for this tree, for there is only today. And so, today, it is meant to wait; no rain, no growth — just sustenance and rest. A steady, graceful decline until Fall when it sheds and enters re-birth: the wisdom of the old oak.Trust.