Where You Await

It is the Darkness that unknowingly plant seeds of beauty upon this Earth,
With their merciless molestation of purity,
Injecting us, the innocent, with ink blots of blue and black,
So that we may make artful lemonade from their tree,
Granting us permission to wrap roses around our mortality:

Dressing our Shame in the garments of Kings and Queens,
So Disgrace cannot touch us beneath all the layers of our royalty.
Burning Fear in the fires of defeat and resilience,
Its ashes scattered and embers stamped out by the masses;

We accept Guilt’s charity and company while we await our sentence,
For having, both, interfered with and walked along Fate’s fine line.
We transcend our inevitable Hatred by our melodic masquerades,
Holding onto the hope that our echoes capture the ears of angels.

It is the dark ones who eventually create the light within us,
Consuming us every waking hour until the moment of Death,
And provides us the fuel to cross deserts in search of our oasis,
Until we discover the Truth of our frail, ephemeral essence
That holds onto all things like a spider’s web in the wind.

Loneliness, begs us to abandon the abandonment of our Self,
And in the pain-filled years, I found You waiting for me,
Where You await us all:
Among the company of Darkness.