Presence is the Greatest Love

Early morning, rising to the raindrops falling,
The sky is drumming its beat upon rooftops.

Behind mountains, skyscrapers, and an eastern ocean,
The sun still hides itself: its absence births desire.

I praise the stillness it commands; offer my awareness:
For myself and all beings it tirelessly serves.

There may be no deeper love that I can reciprocate,
Than to be a mirror to the mighty and infinite sun.

I praise the attentiveness it provides, always giving.
It is nothing more than a sun, and can be nothing less.

There may be no deeper respect I can reciprocate,
Than to be a mirror; may I be nothing less.

Beneath mountains, skyscrapers, and oceans within me,
I am hidden, but, absence births desire to reunite.

Early morning, rising to give my Sunday prayers,
The distant drummer’s march signals the king’s arrival.