No Need Necessary

Abracadrabra, no spell check necessary,
I know this magic is complimentary,
Served with my morning medicine
And a little sugar to help it fit right in
Whether it is the sky resting above me
Or the glass that is now half empty
I still have all the reason to rejoice resolutely
Over every ounce and over every deposit
Tucked away in the corners of life’s closet
Next to nothing, and notes that remind me,
“You got this and you knows it, so go for it,”
Fully and completely until you simply are singing
For joy that He and She blessed us with this silence
That we hear from time to time,
Heartbeat after heartbeat asking us softly
That we stop this fighting —
Not the one with our hands, but the one with our feet
That keep running from who we are to who we want to be
Ex-hale after in-hale asking us to rest before we turn pale
And accept the fact that we might already be perfection,
That there is no need, no necessity,
For any further correction to you or me.